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Telco professionals have some of the most widely distributed and remote assets to build, maintain and repair.  Compounded by complex infrastructure sharing arrangements, maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on every location they manage without having to visit site is time consuming, labour intensive and costly – often requiring physical site inspections.  With the 3D model at its core, SiteSee's modular 'add-ons' provide customers the flexibility to pick and choose the technology that best suits their needs.  

3D mappings of towers & their environment

SiteSee's hi-definition and fully interactive 'digital twin' models enable infrastructure owners to quickly determine what's really on their structures.  Access the most up to date mappings of individual structures or manage entire portfolios via your browser.

site inspection equivalent 'eyes on tower' imagery

Save time and money by limiting site visits.  SiteSee enables service providers to plan and select proposed fixture locations, determine cable runs and hut placements quickly and efficiently.  SiteSee removes the guess work in site planning.

asset management / dbor alignment

From one off structures to entire portfolios or acquisitions, SiteSee aligns structural files and records with as-built real world structures.  Accurately align leasing arrangements with fixtures physically located on real-world structures

As-Built EME checks

From 'greenfield' candidate sites to existing structures or roof-top fixtures, SiteSee's industry leading technology automates EME compliance.  Identify environmental points of interest and iterate designs from real-world data.


Visually manage and track historical site visits, permits and changes with SiteSee's time-stamped software.  SiteSee also enables users to store, share and easily navigate through structural files or photos specific to individual structures. 

Maintenance & Corrosion reports

Improve efficiency and uphold safety requirements with SiteSee's world leading corrosion detection software & automated maintenance reports.  Track, monitor and record corrosion data for accurate maintenance forecasting.

Step 1. Customer Consultation

SiteSee's experienced team works cooperatively with our customers to establish a clear understanding of their business needs, operational capabilities and infrastructure reporting requirements.

Step 2. Data Capture

SiteSee provides customers with the flexibility to utilise either in-house capabilities or outsource data capture responsibilities to a third party provider.  To assist with this process, SiteSee also offers training & technical support as required by the customer.


Step 3. Project Delivery

UAV captured data is sent directly to SiteSee for preliminary screening and quality assessment.  Data is processed and uploaded to the customer's secure online account where the 3D model & reports are easily & readily accessible for the customer.

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